Towards a pain free hospital: article published by UMS members in the British Journal of Pain

UMS member, Professor Peacock, and UMS associate member, Dr Sauzet in collaboration with colleagues published a qualitative analysis of pain experiences for head and neck cancer patients in the British Journal of Pain.

‘Towards a pain free hospital: an in-depth qualitative analysis of the pain experiences of head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy’ found that ‘the specific issues faced by head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy high- light the need for pain relieving interventions delivered by pain specialists, in tandem with the development of robust self-management strategies.

British Journal of Pain September 23, 2015


UMS member Professor Peacock and UMS associate member Dr Sauzet publish in BJA

Professor Peacock and Dr Sauzet, along with colleagues, were published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, in a study from the NIHR RfPB-funded RCT in collaboration with the Royal Marsden Hospital.

The study titled ‘Routine screening for pain combined with a pain treatment protocol in head and neck cancer: a randomised controlled trial ‘compared the effectiveness and cost of a pain screening and treatment program, with usual care in head and neck cancer patients with significant pain.’

The authors concluded that ‘there was no difference in the Pain Severity Index between the two groups. However there were significant improvements in the intervention group in patient satisfaction and PMI.’

doi: 10.1093/bja/aev263

British Journal of Anaesthesia, 115 (4): 621–8 (2015)